Draft Agenda V2 revised and posted

There’s a new version of the agenda over here


and a word doc copy here


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Steering Committee Minutes 2013 San Francisco posted

There’s a version on the web at


and the word doc is at


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Draft Agenda revised and posted

I revised the Draft Agenda and posted it over here


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Draft Agenda for CSEE&T Steering Committee Meeting April 23, 2014

CSEE&T Steering Committee 2014 Draft Agenda

Meeting Time: Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 8 pm

Place: TBD

1. Looking Back

A. CSEE&T Charter http://conferences.computer.org/cseet/CSEETcharter.html

B. Review and Approve Draft Minutes from Last SC Meeting

C. Other old business?

2. Present

A. Report on 2014 conference and experiences with sponsorship — Andreas Bollin, Hochmüller Elke

B. Review and update Steering Committee Memberships

Ending Membership Terms: Daniel Port, Gil Taran

3. Future

A. Report on 2015 Conference — Tony Cowling

B. Planning for 2016 Conference — Bids?



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Improving the CSEET Process

I circulated a message to the CSEET Steering Committee, and am putting a copy over here, too.



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Draft Minutes from 2012

I posted the draft minutes from 2012 to make it easier to find them.


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Added proposals for 2013

I uploaded copies of the 2014 proposals that I have to the 2014 Possibilities page to make it easier for people to find them as needed

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