Draft Agenda V2 revised and posted

There’s a new version of the agenda over here


and a word doc copy here


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Steering Committee Minutes 2013 San Francisco posted

There’s a version on the web at


and the word doc is at


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Draft Agenda revised and posted

I revised the Draft Agenda and posted it over here


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Draft Agenda for CSEE&T Steering Committee Meeting April 23, 2014

CSEE&T Steering Committee 2014 Draft Agenda

Meeting Time: Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 8 pm

Place: TBD

1. Looking Back

A. CSEE&T Charter http://conferences.computer.org/cseet/CSEETcharter.html

B. Review and Approve Draft Minutes from Last SC Meeting

C. Other old business?

2. Present

A. Report on 2014 conference and experiences with sponsorship — Andreas Bollin, Hochmüller Elke

B. Review and update Steering Committee Memberships

Ending Membership Terms: Daniel Port, Gil Taran

3. Future

A. Report on 2015 Conference — Tony Cowling

B. Planning for 2016 Conference — Bids?



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Improving the CSEET Process

I circulated a message to the CSEET Steering Committee, and am putting a copy over here, too.



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Draft Minutes from 2012

I posted the draft minutes from 2012 to make it easier to find them.


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Added proposals for 2013

I uploaded copies of the 2014 proposals that I have to the 2014 Possibilities page to make it easier for people to find them as needed

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CSEE&T 2013 Kickoff

Hi, everyone.

Well, now we know that Tony will not be our General Chairman next year.

I’d like to recommend that we go ahead and start organizing the conference. I think the first step that I would suggest is to send mail to the existing program committee, inviting them to join us in the work ahead and in San Francisco. As part of that, I’d like to ask for volunteers in the San Francisco area to help set up and run the local committee.

I think the urgent needs are:
1. Finance chair
2. Publicity chair
3. Local Arrangements Chair
4. Local Arrangements support team
5. Web wrangler or guru
6. EasyChair wrangler

While the local arrangements chair and team probably should be from the San Francisco area, I think the other positions could be performed from anywhere in the world.

We also need to firm up a CFP and a schedule.

As a draft letter, this is what I was thinking of sending:

(see the draft letter)

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Ruminating on tasks and organization

Hi, Tony. I was thinking about the work involved in setting up the conference, and thought I’d put together a couple of lists.

In terms of tasks ahead, I think this includes:

Submissions, Reviews, Resolution — we used EasyChair for this https://www.easychair.org/
IEEE Editor (conference proceedings)
Local Arrangements
— Conference meeting rooms
— Breakfast, breaks, lunches
— USB stick
— Bag or whatever
— Handouts
— Registration
— Reception, Dinner
— Social Program
Workshops — I think both the CS2013 and Undergrad Research folks would like to do another round.
ASEET — probably cancel in 2013?
Steering Committee meeting and dinner
Hotel arrangements/information
Travel arrangements/information
EasyChair setup and wrangling
Website setup/wrangling

I think we need to relatively quickly settle the general chair, and then get the PC chairs and other organization going. Really need Publicity Chair and Website Guru ASAP.

I’d like to send mail to the PC — the 100 plus folks who did the reviews last time — thanking them, reporting on the conference, and inviting them to “roll over” into the PC for this year. If we get 150 subs or something like in 2011, we’ll need them to do reviews. Heck, even if we just get the 40 or so that we had in 2012, we’ll need them for reviews.

I think I should also contact Richard LeBlanc to ask if he is going to do a CS2013 workshop or tutorial next year. Also Eric Wong about the NSF Research for Undergrads.

I can also contact Sakai fairly easily if we want someone to talk about open source LMS for universities. Might also get the Moodle folks involved. Hum… is it worthwhile to check with the Google Apps folks? I think they have an academic package of some flavor. Or Drupal?

I also could invite someone from the MIT OCW (Open CourseWare) initiative if that’s of interest. They’ve  been putting up free content for the last 10 years or so, and currently offer content from 2100 courses.

The CSEE&T 2012 Organization looked like:

Conference Chair
PC Co-chairs (3) — Dong Shao took care of the local stuff, LiGuo Huang was our interface to the Steering Committee, and I ended up running EasyChair and the PC
Local Arrangements Chair
Panel Chair
Workshop Chair
Tutorials Chair
Publicity Chair
Local Arrangements group
PC — over 100 members

We also had a website guru, which really should be a formal position. And we could have used an EasyChair guru.

As you can tell, I’m an advocate of using Google Sites, WordPress sites, or something like that as a “meeting point” to help keep track of all the bits and pieces that go into this kind of thing. I think it makes it easier for everyone, but it needs to be something that people want to use (and do use).

Hope this helps

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Draft CFP from Tony Wasserman (steering committee email)

Hi, all.

Tony Wasserman has put together a “first cut” at a Call for Papers reflecting the direction he would like to take the conference in 2013. He’s quite interested in getting comments and suggestions from the Steering Committee.

Basically, he thinks that the next steps would be to find PC co-chairs who share this vision and can make it happen by bringing in “new blood” for the PC and soliciting papers and other submissions from those who are active in educating and training people on these topics.

Anyway, please take a look at the draft CFP, and then let us know what you think? You can contact me directly if you prefer to, or you can comment to the wider list, or send Tony your comments (Tony Wasserman <tony.wasserman@west.cmu.edu>).

Draft CFP: https://mycseet.wordpress.com/draft-cfp/


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