CSEE&T Steering Committee (mail, 26 April 2012)

Hi, all.

Well, we’ve got a job ahead of us.

There are several things that we need to line up fairly quickly, I think.
Starting with the people to do the jobs, a schedule of what and when, and so

Right now, I think Tony Wasserman is considering being our General Chair. I
believe Tony Cowling also has volunteered to be a PC co-chair. We probably need
some local organizers. And, for the IEEE folks, we need a Finance Chair — is
there someone who is good with that?

Once we have a General Chair and a Finance Chair, I can fill in the IEEE form
and get that rolling, at least.

One item that we need to decide fairly quickly, I think. ASEE&T? Should we try
to run one in San Francisco, or let it go? If we are going to run one, we need
someone to put it together ASAP.

We should send out a message to the PC members from 2012. I know several of them
expressed interest in continuing, but we should invite the whole group, I think.

I’ve also taken a rough cut at a schedule, just to see what all needs to be

I was hoping to use Google sites to help keep us together, but my experiences
during the Nanjing conference convinced me that wasn’t a good idea (our
colleagues in China just can’t get there). So, I set up a wordpress blog/site
as an alternative. I hope everyone can see https://mycseet.wordpress.com/ ? Dong
Shao, please let me know if that works for you?

Please let me know your wordpress ID, and I’ll also give you access to the site.
Right now, though, I think you can write comments there, which will at least let
us discuss things.

So — the organization and the schedule. And then, of course, we need to start
letting people know that CSEE&T 26 is coming!

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