Draft CFP from Tony Wasserman (steering committee email)

Hi, all.

Tony Wasserman has put together a “first cut” at a Call for Papers reflecting the direction he would like to take the conference in 2013. He’s quite interested in getting comments and suggestions from the Steering Committee.

Basically, he thinks that the next steps would be to find PC co-chairs who share this vision and can make it happen by bringing in “new blood” for the PC and soliciting papers and other submissions from those who are active in educating and training people on these topics.

Anyway, please take a look at the draft CFP, and then let us know what you think? You can contact me directly if you prefer to, or you can comment to the wider list, or send Tony your comments (Tony Wasserman <tony.wasserman@west.cmu.edu>).

Draft CFP: https://mycseet.wordpress.com/draft-cfp/


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