2014 Possibilities

Dear Mike,

At the end of the last session in Nanjing, you asked the audience
about a potential existing interest in organizing CSEET 2014. We
discussed this issue here in our working group (and also with our
partner, the University of Applied Sciences), and I want to tell
you that our working group (Software Engineering and Soft Computing)
at the University of Klagenfurt, together with the University of
Applied Sciences would be happy to host this event.

Klagenfurt is situated in the south of Austria, close to the borders
to Italy and Slovenia. It has an international airport (KLU) and is
easily reachable. Klagenfurt is a small town (95.000 inhabitants),
but the University is situated at the lake Wörthersee
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W%C3%B6rthersee) in a touristic
region which means that the accommodation of attendees is not the
problem. Venice or Vienna are also quite close.

Education has a long tradition in Klagenfurt (we were the first in
Austria offering teachers’ education in Informatics) and I also told
you that we are now founding a “School of Education”, an
interdisciplinary institute for even improving (concentrating) our
educational capabilities.

If you need more information about our University/Faculty and our
working group then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many greetings from Klagenfurt,
Andreas Bollin

Link to Klagenfurt Proposal AAU-Proposal-CSEET14

Link to Cyprus Proposal CyprusCSEET2014

5 Responses to 2014 Possibilities

  1. Lawrence (Larry) Peters says:

    Klagenfurt sounds like a great place for this conference with the proximity of Vienna as an added bonus. Too bad we do not get to vote for the next venue.

    Larry Peters

  2. nothermike says:

    Hi, Andreas

    Congratulations! On behalf of the Steering Committee, I have the pleasure of telling you that we have selected Klagenfurt, Vienna as the site for CSEE&T 2014.

    The main thing that this means is that we will be announcing this at CSEE&T 2013, and that you should use the conference as an opportunity to kick off your publicity and all that. So we can probably:

    1. Announce the location and introduce the initial organization for the 2014 conference

    2. Begin gathering the volunteers for the program committee

    3. Publicize the rough schedule, theme, and any other information you have available.

    Tony Cowling is the PC co-chair this year, and he tells me that they would like to invite you to make a brief presentation at the opening session of the conference. This could help encourage recruiting, since people will know who to talk to during the conference if they are interested in working with you. I don’t know the details of the program for this year, but I’m sure Tony can help if you want to make plans.

    My apologies for the time it has taken us to get to this point. I look forward to working with you over the next year, and please let me know what the steering committee can do to help you.

    Mike Barker
    CSEE&T Steering Committee Chair

  3. Lawrence Peters says:

    Fantastic – have the dates of the conference been determined yet?

  4. Lawrence (Larry) Peters says:

    When will the dates of the conference be known – advanced notice of this type may enable me to make less expensive travel arrangements.

  5. nothermike says:

    Sorry about the slow response. The proposed dates are 4/23-25. We’ll look at this at this weekend’s conference, but I expect it is likely to be around then.

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