Draft Agenda for CSEE&T Steering Committee Meeting May 19, 2013

CSEE&T Steering Committee 2013 Draft Agenda

Meeting Time: May 19, 2013, 8:30 PM

Place: TDB

1. Looking Back
A. Steering Committee Charter http://conferences.computer.org/cseet/CSEETcharter.html
B. Review and approve Draft Minutes from Last SC Meeting https://mycseet.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/cseetsteering2012draftminutes.docx
C. Other business from the past?

2. Present
A. Report on this year’s conference (finances, attendance, etc.) — Mark?
B. Review and Update Steering Committee Membership http://conferences.computer.org/cseet/

I think there are three ending terms or questions:
Jocelyn Armarego, Murdoch University, Australia (Co-Program-Chair 2009, member until 2013)
Tom Horton, University of Virginia, USA (Steering Committee Chair 2012-2012, General Chair 2004, ASEE&T chair 2008, member until 2017)
Vasudeva Varma, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India (General Chair 2009, member until 2013) — has asked not to extend.

We should also add Mark Ardis and ???, along with Andreas Bollin and ???

C. Other Current Business?

3. Future Work
A. Next Year’s Conference
B. 2015 — collocation? General Chair and PC Chairs?
C. 2016 — Call for bids. Need Location and Organization
D. Nancy Mead Awards
Review the terms: https://mycseet.wordpress.com/nancy-mead-award-terms-of-reference/
Plans for next year?
E. Other items:
Year-round website for coordination and planning?
Improving the quality of submissions?
Videos, trailers, and other media for submissions/conference use?
F. Other business for the future?

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