This spreadsheet is based on the 2012 schedule.

Basically, we need to figure out submission deadlines, review and discussion, and decision points for the long papers, short papers/works in progress, and posters.

In 2011, there was a second submission/review/acceptance cycle for the long papers. In fact, we used it for some papers. However, even if internally we are going to do that, I think it is better NOT to make it public — in 2012, we had a few who said they would submit for the second submission, and were a bit upset when I explained that they couldn’t do that. That second “revision” submission round is an internal one.

Workshops, Tutorials, and Panels mostly need a submission deadline and decisions — they usually don’t get a full review, the chair simply selects or rejects.

We also need to line up keynote speakers and pull together a program. Frankly, the program was a bit late this year — it is better to get it out at least a couple of months before the conference, preferably soon after the last decision (after the short papers/work in progress).

A key point is making sure that we have camera-ready when the IEEE Editor gets ready. We really don’t have to wait for them, and I think one of the things that went well this year was that we had the proceedings ready BEFORE the editor asked. So that went very smoothly.

So, going by this, the public schedule would look like:

Long Papers: Submission Deadline: 21 Dec. Decision: 10 Feb.
Short Papers/WIP: Submission Deadline: 10 Feb. Decision: 10 March
Posters: Submission 22 March, Decision 19 April
Workshops: Submission 21 Dec, Decision 7 Jan (Winter Holidays?)
Tutorials: Submission 31 Dec, Decision 14 Jan (Winter Holidays?)
Panels: Submission 31 Dec, Decision 14 Jan (Winter Holidays?)

IEEE Editor about 20 March

Program, Keynote Speakers: About 20 March

One thought — it might be better to have the short papers/WIP submission deadline a little later, to let people who were rejected as long papers rework and resubmit as short papers?

3 Responses to Scheduling

  1. Key factors would be 1. To be able to have the paper deadline after the ICSE notification date, which according to is Nov 27th. So we are safe.

    I think keynotes need to be settled much earlier, ideally in the Fall, to encourage people to submit and attend.

  2. nothermike says:

    Publicity! We need someone pushing this, including the SEWORLD announcements, and whatever else we can do.

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