To Do Items

Just to keep track of stuff that needs to be done…

  1. Lay out the schedule
  2. Set up organization — General Chair, PC chairs, Finance Chair, Web guru ???
  3. Set up EasyChair
  4. Get mailing list for Steering Committee fixed
  5. IEEE TMS form


3 Responses to To Do Items

  1. nothermike says:

    In terms of tasks ahead, I think this includes:

    Submissions, Reviews, Resolution — we used EasyChair for this
    IEEE Editor (conference proceedings)
    Local Arrangements
    — Conference meeting rooms
    — Breakfast, breaks, lunches
    — USB stick
    — Bag or whatever
    — Handouts
    — Registration
    — Reception, Dinner
    — Social Program
    Workshops — I think both the CS2013 and Undergrad Research folks would like to do another round.
    ASEET — probably cancel in 2013?
    Steering Committe meeting and dinner
    Hotel arrangements/information
    Travel arrangements/information
    EasyChair setup and wrangling
    Website setup/wrangling

    I think we need to relatively quickly settle the general chair, and then get the PC chairs and other organization going. Really need Publicity Chair and Website Guru ASAP.

    I’d like to send mail to the PC — the 100 plus folks who did the reviews last time — thanking them, reporting on the conference, and inviting them to “roll over” into the PC for this year.

    I think I should also contact Richard LeBlanc to ask if he is going to do a CS2013 workshop or tutorial next year. Also Eric Wong about the NSF Research for Undergrads.

    I can also contact Sakai fairly easily if we want someone to talk about open source LMS for universities. Might also get the Moodle folks involved. Hum… is it worthwhile to check with the Google Apps folks? I think they have an academic package of some flavor. Or Drupal?

    I also could invite someone from the MIT OCW (Open CourseWare) initiative if that’s of interest. They’ve been putting up free content for the last 10 years or so, and currently offer content from 2100 courses.

  2. nothermike says:

    From ICSE Coordination

    Hotel contact (Food and Beverages, A/V, etc.)
    Michelle Campanelli
    Catering Manager
    T: 415-291-6511

    Room assignments: ICSE — Contact David Notkin
    Grand Ballroom C, tentatively

    Proceedings: Conference Publishing Solutions

    Registration: RSL?

    Wireless: ICSE — David Notkin

    Publicity: DIY
    IEEE Computer Society Technical Co-Sponsorship
    ACM SIGSOFT status

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