CSEE&T 2013 TMS Instructions

From: Elizabeth Brookes Little <EBLittle@computer.org>
Date: Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 8:34 AM
Subject: CSEE&T 2013 TMS Instructions
To: Daniel N Port <dport@hawaii.edu>

Thank you for your interest in requesting IEEE Computer Society financial
sponsorship for your conference.

Please provide me with the following information:* *

Conference Dates:
Name & email address of Conference General Chair:
Name & email address of Conference Finance Chair:

After you have been set-up in the new web-based Technical Meeting System
(TMS) which replaced CIMA, the first task that you will be assigned to do
is to enter your conference into the IEEE Conference Information Schedule.
Your conference will not be listed on the web until  it has received final
approval. It is very important that when completing the Information
Schedule to enter *”Computer Society”* under the* “IEEE Organizing Units” *
and* NOT* the Technical Committee. Also, do not enter a MOU at this time. I
will assist you with selecting the proper MOU.

To access the TMS you will need to have a current IEEE Web Account log in,
if you do not have an IEEE account, please click on the “Register for a
free guest web account” at http://www.computer.org/tms. After you have created
your IEEE account, *(if needed)* please login to the TMS at
http://www.computer.org/tms. After you have selected a TC *(if needed)* , please
click on the “Request Access to Meeting” button, then select your meeting
from the drop down menu for ” Select Meeting Name”.  An automated email
will be sent to your Meeting Planner, who will complete your request.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact me.

Best regards,

E. Brookes Little, CMP
Meeting Planner
Conference Operations Group
IEEE Computer Society
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
p. 714.816.2124
f. 714.761.1784

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