Steering Committee Minutes 2013 San Francisco

Minutes of the CSEE&T Steering Committee Meeting

May 19, 2013, San Francisco

1. Approval of the minutes

Tim Lethbridge summarized the minutes. The minutes were approved. They are at

Action: Some action items had not been completed, such as revising the Guide to Researching and Writing for CSEE&T, which was to have been revised by Tim Lethbridge and Dan Port. This will be done for next year. Michael barker is also working on a reviewers’ guide.

2. Membership.

Membership and attendance for this meeting was the following:

Members present in person:

Mark Ardis, Stevens Institute of Technology, (General chair 2013, Member until 2018)

Michael Barker, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan (Co-program chair 2012, Steering Committee Chair 2012-17, Member until 2022)

Andreas Bollin, Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt, (Co-General chair 2014, Member until 2018)

Zhenyu Chen, NanJing University, China (ASEE&T and Finance chair 2012, member until 2016)

Tony Cowling, University of Sheffield (ASEE&T chair 2011, Program Chair 2013, member until 2016)

David Klappholz, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey (ASEE&T Chair 2006 and 2007, member until 2015)

Timothy C Lethbridge, University of Ottawa, Canada (Steering Committee Chair 2005-2010, General Chair 2005, Program Chair, 2002, Member until 2015)

Daniel Port, University of Hawaii, USA (Program Chair, 2005, General Chair 2006 and 2011, member until 2014)

Mel Rosso-Llopart, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (Program Co-chair, 2010, member until 2015)

Dong Shao, NanJing University, China (Organizer 2012, member until 2016)


Members present by Skype

Gil Taran, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (General Chair 2010, member until 2014)

Barrie Thompson, University of Sunderland, UK (Finance Chair 2008, Co-Program Chair 2011, member until 2016)

Also present

Elke Hochmueller (2014 Organizing Committee)

Members unable to attend

Emily Oh Navarro, University of California, Irvine, USA (Co-Program Chair, 2011, member until 2015)

LiGuo Huang, Southern Methodist University, USA (Co-program chair 2012, member until 2016)

The terms of the following members have ended: The Steering Committee thanked them

Jocelyn Armarego, Murdoch University, Australia (Co-Program-Chair 2009, member until 2013)

Tom Horton, University of Virginia, USA (Steering Committee Chair 2011-2012, General Chair 2004, ASEE&T chair 2008, member until 2013)

Vasudeva Varma, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India (General Chair 2009, member until 2013)

There will be an additional member of the 2014 organizing committee to be added to the Steering Committee when determined by them.

3. Steering Committee Charter

The charter is at

Action: It was agreed that Michael Barker and Tim Lethbridge would revise it and bring it to the steering committee for approval.

Members pointed out some of the following issues that need addressing: 1) it says there were no awards. 2) It points out that only accepted full papers will be published, when we also have short papers, and panel abstracts, etc. It was agreed that implementation details would be put into an appendix.

4. Report on this year’s conference

Mark Ardis reported on this year’s conference. He had planned based on an assumption that this year would be similar to the conference in Hawaii two years ago. In the end we had 90 register this year. It will be lucky if we break even.

The problems are mostly that expenses are so much higher; ICSE picked an expensive hotel; AV expenses were high; the hotel insisted that there be union workers present; ICSE is charging for WiFi. There was some discussion of communication issues with ICSE.

Action: Gil Taran agreed to work on getting sponsorship every year. It was pointed out that this would be easier to do if we are not co-located with ICSE.

There was a unanimous vote of thanks for this year’s Committe.

5. Next Year’s Conference

The steering committee had aleady held an email vote to approve the conference in Austria.

It was agreed that the organizers can set the dates as they see best. The organizers and the steering committee agreed, however, that the dates will be Wednesday 23 April to Friday 25 April, 2014. This will attract Europeans who are on Easter Break. This works well for Europeans and Canadians but it may pose a problem for US faculty members.

Andreas will work on the TMRF and will meet with recent organizers to learn from them.

6. 2015 conference

Locations for 2015 were discussed

  • Co-locating in Florence with ICSE (this means Europe two years in a row; this option was ruled out)
  • South America: Brasil (Campinas), Argentina or Columbia. Various steering committee members have connections. There are several Brasilians at the conference this year.
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Russia: Gil Taran says there is a big Russian conference with several hundred people in November. It was agreed that our usual Spring timing is not sacrosanct.

It was pointed out that if we are in South America or Asia, then North Americans and Europeans with papers may send them to the ICSE education track to reduce costs.

It was agreed that everybody here would solicit bids for 2015 and potentially 2016.

7. Nancy Mead Awards

The committee reviewed the terms of reference:

It was agreed to adjust them as follows:

The Steering Committee will take nominations and carry forward previous nominations, creating a list of nominees.

The previous winners will be asked to choose from this list of nominees either a single winner (to be approved by the steering committee) or a shortlist (from which the steering committee would then chose the final winner).

Nominees carried over currently include: Don Bagert, Barry Boehm, and Rich LeBlanc

Tim Lethbridge will coordinate nominations for this year’s award.

E. Other items

The option of creating a year-round website for coordination and planning was discussed. It was agreed that the combination of the main website and th WordPress. site seems to be sufficient

The concept of videos, trailers, and other media for submissions/conference use was discussed. It was suggested we consider broadcasting in real time, allowing virtual attendance. A small subcommittee should think about this.

F. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned


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