ICSE Coordination

Information for General Chairs of ICSE 2013 collocated events (Method #1)

All: Thanks for taking on these important jobs, both for your own events
and also for the mutual benefit with ICSE 2013.

It’s now 325 days until the first collocated events happen at ICSE 2013.
Wow!  So I want to make sure we’re all on the same page, which may include
a little repetition.

– Attached is the MOU for the collocated events; focus, of course, on
Method #1.  This agreement has been in place with your predecessors for
well over a year, so I don’t anticipate any changes to the content.
– Below is email I sent off a while ago (February 29, 2012), which still
holds except perhaps for due dates.  Thanks is surely the most important
thing to read (it includes the key portions of the attached documents).

What I’d like is for each of you to read this material carefully, and get
back to us ASAP about any issues, concerns, etc.  Then we’ll start working
on any key details, etc.

Thanks again!


[Michelle: Just including you so when they get in touch, you’ll have some
context.  THANKS!]****

** **

To the organizers for the ICSE 2013 collocated events:****

** **

First, please forward to anybody else on your respective teams — you will
be my contact unless you swap it to another person.  For now, at least, I
am the prime ICSE 2013 contact for you.****

** **

Second, please read everything below.  We need you to in order to have it
all run smoothly.  There are some deadlines, there are some budget issues,
and there is a *tentative *space assignment.****

** **

Third, if there is a serious problem with anything (little should be a
surprise), let me know ASAP.  ASAP.  ASAP.****

** **

Thanks, looking forward to helping make your events, and ICSE 2013,

** **



Method #1: Collocated Event (?Event?) with its own sponsors and budget****

ICSE 2013 is a year and several months away, and it’s time for the
collocated events under Method #1 to start gearing up quickly. The
following are some reminders from the memo that I sent out in July 2011
(the *text from the memo* follows the “to do” information).****

1. You need to start working out the budget with your sponsor(s). *The
Event?s budget is independent of the ICSE budget.  The Event?s sponsor or
sponsors have full financial and legal responsibility for the Event. ****
2. The person at the hotel to work with for F&B is
Michelle Campanelli
Catering Manager
T: 415-291-6511
E: michelle.campanelli@hyatt.com
She can also put you in touch with other hotel people for A/V, etc.
(Note: if possible, I would like to coordinate with you to have the same
break/lunch food as for our other events at the same time; separating
groups entirely is somewhat more difficult in this space, and this would
simplify all our lives.)
*The Event must contract directly with the hotel for F&B (food and
beverage).  The Event is responsible for its own on-site support (e.g.
liaison with hotel). *****
3. I will send out some tentative room assignment information soon,
including planned locations for meals, breaks, etc.  *ICSE 2013 holds
all function space during the extended conference period; thus the Event?s
general chair must negotiate explicitly for space with the ICSE 2013
general chair. *****
4. This will be important with respect to registration, etc., but no
action item now.  *Room nights for the Event will come from the ICSE
2013 room block. *****
5. If you wish to take advantage of this, please let us know by May 15,
2012 and we will put you in touch with Conference Publishing Solutions. The
Event is responsible for the production of its own proceedings. *ICSE
2013 has signed a contract for publishing with Conference Publishing
Solutions that includes the following (the complete contract is available
upon request):

The processing service is offered to [ICSE 2013 collocated] events [for]
the price of 1150 USD. This includes processing for DL, USB, printed
version ?

Co-located events require a separate contract. …*****
6. I would strongly prefer that you use RSL and share the registration
process with ICSE.  Please determine and inform us, by May 15, 2012, if
this is acceptable to you under the conditions below.  *ICSE 2013 [has
signed] a standard ?ACM umbrella contract? with RSL for registration
services. This contract includes:

A separate registration contract will be required for each co-located
event. That contract is between RSL and the co-lo event’s organizing
committee. ACM is not a party to that contract. The co-lo Base Fee of $500
covers the registration services listed above. ? Each registrant for the
co-located event (whether or not they also register for the main ACM event
or an ACM af?liated event) will be counted when computing the co-lo event’s
total registration fee. ? The ?rst ?fty co-lo registrants are included in
the Co-Lo Base Fee. The co-lo event will be invoiced additional $9.50 per
registrant in excess of fifty. *****
7. If you are interested in trying to piggyback on the ICSE CyberChair
contract, let us know by May 15, 2012.  *ICSE 2013 anticipates signing a
contract with CyberChair; a reduced rate for Events may be available. ***
8. ICSE will sign a contract for wireless internet access throughout all
meeting rooms, including those used by the collocatedevents.  (Guest
room wireless is included in the conference rate.)  We will, by May 15,
2012, provide an estimate of the costs to be charged for this to each
collocated event; a good rule-of-thumb estimate for now is
$7.50-$10/person-day.  (Note that at ICSE 2011 wireless was a choice of the
Event; this was possible in part because of a far greater physical
separation of the events, but it is not possible for ICSE 2013.)  Other
support, such as A/V, is the full responsibility of the collocated
events.*  ICSE 2013 anticipates signing other contracts for wireless
internet access, for A/V, etc.; a reduced rate for Events may be available.
9. *The Event is responsible for its own publicity, with the exception
that ICSE 2013 will advertise the Event as being collocated on the ICSE
web site, printed materials, etc. It is highly recommended that the Event
apply (a) for IEEE Computer Society Technical
TCSE and (b) for ?in cooperation
ACM SIGSOFT status. *****
10. Although not mentioned in the original email, the Event is
responsible for providing its own student volunteers.****

** **

And a few final bullets:****

the floorplan for the hotel;
the capacity charts.****
– *Tentatively*, these are the assignments *I have penciled using very
erasable graphite*.  If you have concerns, I need to hear them now.****

– ICSSP: Saturday/Sunday May 18-19 — Grand Ballroom B****
– ICPC: Monday/Tuesday May 20-21 — Grand Ballroom B****
– CSEET: Sunday/Monday/Tuesday May 18-19-20 — Grand Ballroom C****
– TEFSE: Sunday May 19 — Golden Gate Room****
– ICSSP/ICPC/CSEET lunches — Grand Ballroom A (with MSR Sa-Su, SEAMS
– ICSSP/ICPC/CSEET breaks — Market Street Foyer****
– TEFSE lunch — Marina Room****
– TEFSE break — Seacliff Foyer****


** **


Attached file: https://mycseet.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/icse2013collocation.doc

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