Draft Agenda for CSEE&T Steering Committee April 23, 2014 V2

CSEE&T Steering Committee 2014 Draft Agenda (v2)

Meeting Time: Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 8:15 pm

Place: TBD

1. Get Organized

A. Review and Approve Draft Minutes from Last SC Meeting

B. Review and update Steering Committee Memberships

Ending Membership Terms: Daniel Port, Gil Taran

Who do we need to add this year?

2. This Year

A. Report on 2014 conference and experiences with sponsorship — Andreas Bollin, Hochmüller Elke

3. Planning

A. Report on 2015 Conference — Tony Cowling

B. Planning for 2016 Conference — Bids?

C. Nancy Mead award for next year?

D. CSEE&T Charter http://conferences.computer.org/cseet/CSEETcharter.html

Suggested changes:

  1. The current membership list (III-D) is well out of date. Replace with a link to the online membership list? http://conferences.computer.org/cseet/


  1. Section VIII. Awards currently reads: “There are currently no awards given in conjunction with the CSEE&T.” I recommend we change this to include:
    1. The Nancy Mead Award For Excellence in Software Engineering Education.
    2. Best paper and best presentation awards as determined by the Program Committee.
    3. Other awards determined by the Steering Committee to encourage and reward initiatives in software engineering education and training. E.g., an award for the most innovative use of new technology in software engineering education or training, or perhaps for the best video or website related to software engineering education or training?

C. Other business?


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